3000 Watt Power Inverters

Whistler offers a complete line of DC to AC inverters ranging in capacity from 100 Watts to 3000 Watt Power Inverters. These inverters offer advanced technology, dependable operation and will provide years of reliable service when used in accordance with our operating instructions. Of all the inverters we have sold, the Whistler inverters have the best value. 

Part number: Pro-3000W (3000 watt power inverter)


3000 Watt Full Output Power Inverter
3 AC Outlets - 1 USB Port
High Surge
Overload Indicator
Thermostat Controlled Cooling Fan
Digital Battery Volt/Watt Meter - Monitors input volts and output watts
Remote Operation Jack
Ground Fault Sensing
Electronic Circuit Protection:

•Overload Protection – Inverter will automatically shut down if load exceeds inverter rating.

•Smart Surge Control - Inverter will attempt to start loads above the continuous rating for up to 10 seconds.

•Voltage Protection - Whenever the input exceeds 15 volts DC or is less than 10 volts, the inverter will automatically shutdown.

•Short Circuit Protection - Automatically shuts down until short circuit is removed.

•Thermal Cutoff - Automatically shuts down if internal temperature exceeds safe design parameters.

300 Amp Power Requirement - at rated output


Continuous output power: 3000W
Surge rating: 5000W
Peak efficiency (12V – 1/2 load): 90%
Efficiency (full load, 12V): 85%
No load current draw: < 0.80A
Output waveform (resistive load): Modified sine wave
Output frequency: 60Hz
Output voltage: 109V – 120V
Input voltage: 10-15 Volts DC
Product dimensions: 15.2" x 8.9" x 3.54 H
Weight: 12 lbs.

Some refrigerators, freezers, pumps and other similar equipment and appliances require very high start up loads to operate.  3000 watt power inverters are an excellent choice for these types of equipment. Before attempting to power up this type of equipment or appliance with a 3000 watt power inverter, make especially certain that all connections have been properly made and that the power source is fully charged.

To determine whether your 3000 watt power inverter will operate a particular piece of equipment or appliance, run a test. The 3000 watt power inverter is designed to shut down automatically in the event of a power overload. Testing appliances and equipment with start up load ratings comparable to your inverter wattage rating will not damage it.

If a piece of equipment or an appliance will not operate, first confirm that the inverter has been properly connected to the 12 volt power source (See "Making The Connection").  If all connections have been properly made, turn the inverter rocker switch ON (l), OFF (O) and ON (l) again in quick succession. If this procedure is unsuccessful, it is likely that the inverter does not have the required start up capacity or your battery supply isn’t large enough to operate the equipment or appliance in question.