Whistler Power Inverters

For many of us, a vehicle is more than just transportation. It can be a mobile office, communications or entertainment center, or simply an expression of our personality.

Whistler power inverters are designed to make the time you spend in your vehicle more productive, more fulfilling, safer, or just simply more fun. Our mission is to provide Whistler Power Inverters that improve your driving experience. Whistler offers a complete line of DC to AC power inverters ranging in capacity from 100 Watts to 3000 Watts. These power inverters offer advanced technology, dependable operation and will provide years of reliable service when used in accordance with our operating instructions.

Whistler power inverters allow you to run most AC appliances right from your car, boat or RV. They’re great for weekend use and life on the road. They’re also great for power outages from 1200 thru 3000 watts.

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Whistler power inverters convert low voltage, direct current (DC) to 110 volt alternating household current (AC). The AC output is called
“modified sine wave”. Depending on the model and its rated capacity, Whistler inverters draw power either from standard 12 volt automobile and marine batteries or from portable high power 12 volt sources.

Power equipment and appliances which operate with motors or tubes require an initial surge of power to get them up and running. This
power surge is referred to as the "starting load" or "peak load." By comparison, electrical devices such as standard light bulbs do not
require a large starting load. Once the equipment or appliance has been powered up, it settles down to a slower pace and requires far
less electrical power to operate. This lower power requirement is referred to as the "continuous load."

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In order to ensure that the capacity of your Whistler power inverter is sufficient to meet the required start up load, you must first
determine the power consumption of the equipment or appliance you plan to operate.

Power consumption is rated either in wattage or in amperes, and information regarding the required "watts" or "amps" generally is
stamped or printed on most appliances and equipment. If this information is not indicated on the appliance or equipment, check
the owner’s manual. Contact the appliance or equipment manufacturer to determine if the device you are using (TV’s, battery re-charger, computer, etc.) is compatible with a modified sine wave.If the power consumption is rated in amps, multiply the number of amps by 110 (AC voltage) to determine the comparable wattage rating. Induction motors may require 2 to 6 times their wattage rating to start up.

Some refrigerators, freezers, pumps and other similar equipment and appliances require very high start up loads to operate. Before
attempting to power up this type of equipment or appliance, make especially certain that all connections have been properly made and
that the power source is fully charged.

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